US State Bank Regulators Agree to Single Set of Rules for Fintech, Crypto Firm Licensing – CoinDesk

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Bank regulators in 49 U.S. states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico plan to make compliance for cryptocurrency companies simpler by consolidating supervisory exams. This content was originally published here.

BancKED Aims to Expand Financial Inclusion through Progressive Crypto Wallet White Label Program for Business Clients

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BancKED Crypto Wallet LONDON (PRWEB) September 15, 2020 Customization will define the best mobile wallets in the crypto marketplace going forward. And those who best use the power of the blockchain to develop those customer-centric tools will lead the pack. At least, that is what the founders of a new financial serveries firm, KBL Holdings,...

Kraken Becomes First Crypto Exchange to Become a US Bank – CoinDesk

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On Wednesday, the Wyoming Banking Board voted to approve the San Francisco-based crypto exchange’s application for a special purpose depository institution (SPDI) charter. Kraken is now the first SPDI bank in Wyoming. According to the Wyoming Division of Banking’s general counsel, Chris Land, Kraken will also be the first newly chartered (de novo) bank in...

Why You Should File Your Crypto Taxes | CoinTracker

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Shehan Chandrasekera, CPA Sep 11, 2020 • 5 MIN READ Filing taxes on your cryptocurrency gains is not an option: it is a requirement under the IRS tax code. Whether you like it or not, below are several reasons why you should start reporting cryptocurrency on your tax return. New Crypto Question on Form 1040...

Apple Gives Coinmama Authorisation For ApplePay Service Integration | Global Crypto

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An Israel-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinmama, has become the first crypto exchange to be authorised to integrate with ApplePay, according to an announcement shared with local news website . Other crypto exchanges have integrated ApplePay before, since its application programming interface (API) is open to every developer. Coinmama is, however, the first crypto exchange to receive...

Australian banks bring legal proceedings against crypto giant Ripple

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In its concise statement filed with the court last week the NPPA states its PayID service was well established with more than five million PayID’s registered by customers and more than one million payments made each week to a PayID. “Ripple’s service is clearly offered under a mark that is substantially identical with or deceptively...

Nigeria moves to regulate crypto currencies, other digital investments

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Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday announced that it would begin to regulate digital currencies and crypto-based companies. A statement by SEC said the general objective of regulation is not to hinder technology or stifle innovation but to create standards that encourage ethical practices that ultimately make for a fair and efficient market....

Crypto Borrowing: Here Are Seven of the Best Interest Rates on the Market | Finance Bitcoin News

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Crypto Borrowing: Here Are Seven of the Best Interest Rates on the Market Cryptocurrency is sizing up traditional finance on its legacy turf of lending and borrowing with competitive interest rates (currently as low as 0.44% for ethereum and 4.50% per year for bitcoin) as well as less cumbersome verification procedures. Crypto holders present their...

12 Crypto Firms Authorized to Operate License-Free in Hawaii for Two Years | Regulation Bitcoin News

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12 Crypto Firms Authorized to Operate License-Free in Hawaii for Two Years The U.S. state of Hawaii has authorized 12 cryptocurrency companies to start operating in the state without needing a money transmission license. No action will be taken against them for conducting unlicensed money transmission activities for two years. Hawaii Green-Lights 12 Crypto Firms...

Could Russia lead Eastern Europe’s crypto boom?

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Russia’s new bill brings it in line with U.K. legislators, though there is a distinction between the approach of the FCA and the State Duma. Not unlike many other jurisdictions around the world, Russia has come to recognize the potential benefits and risks flowing from cryptocurrencies by taking its first step to define and codify...